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Getting to know astrology, you cannot limit yourself to the signs of the zodiac. Next to them there are also other concepts that are equally important. These include even the quality that I will write below. The first mention of zodiacal quality is found in the writings of Ptolemy and seems to have originated in ancient Greece.
Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac can be assigned to one of three zodiacal qualities and there are no exceptions to this rule. Considering the horoscope in connection with its quality, one can look deeper into the nature of the researched person and better understand the astrological symbolism.
By delving into astrology, best astrologer in Kolkata can discover that the attributes of a man correspond with the natural rhythm of nature. Each zodiac sign is assigned to one of them. For each: cardinal, fixed and variable - four characters are assigned.
We should note here that every quality plays a special role in relation to the four elements. As a result, each sign of the zodiac has its specific element and quality. This is a unique combination that gives the character its unique features.
Each quality is also associated with the specific season of the year. Cardinal signs start the season, permanent characters keep it, and variables are associated with its end and preparation for change for the next season.
How can you use the quality to better understand the signs of the zodiac, by gaining knowledge about the element and quality? They can be observed with their own eyes in the behaviour of the people they meet. The element itself does not give a full picture of the human personality. It is only in combination with quality that you can learn the subtle shades of differences that are otherwise impossible to see. When there is a clear understanding of how these features behave in connection with the elements - then you can know the true essence of the sign of the zodiac.
What to expect from your visit to the astrologer
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